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"GK Hudson takes the time to understand our organization."

Our Human Resources employment team has worked with GK Hudson Associates for at least a decade to support the goals of our healthcare organization in attracting and retaining top talent. They have the expertise and communication skills that are a compatible fit with our corporate values and strategic vision. GK Hudson takes the time to understand our organization and to recruit candidates that will be successful with us. They research and understand both the history and current needs we have in our organization, and thoughtfully prepare a search strategy that will meet our needs.
They are professional, ethical, real go-getters who provide results. Our leaders and HR team know they will be provided with well-qualified, strong candidates when we work with GK Hudson.
-MP, Michigan


Resume Tips

Writing a solid resume with essential information is important. It is the first thing an Executive Recruiter or potential employer will see. If it is poorly written it could make the difference in getting an opportunity to interview.

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Follow a conservative, traditional format beginning with

  • Contact information. Include full name, mailing address, telephone numbers and email contact information.

  • Career objective. Clearly state a career objective that fits the position you are seeking.

  • Education in reverse order. Include institution attended with location, dates of attendance and degree awarded.

  • Employment History Summary. This should be brief and to the point.

    • Include your title and years of experience

  • List pertinent skills

  • List each position held in reverse chronological order, dating back at least ten years. If you held multiple positions within the same company, list them to show how you have advanced and grown there.

  • The body of each position description should briefly describe your responsibilities and accomplishments

  • Additional talents and training.

    • Professional training, affiliations/appointments, licenses, technical skills and foreign language skills should be listed following the employment summary.

Do not include personal information such as marital status, ethnicity, age or social security number.
If you have references, do not list them on the resume, they can be attached on a separate sheet. This should only include the name of the individual, their title, how you know them and their contact information (telephone number and email).

Giving Back

GK Hudson believes in giving back to the community and supports the work of the Caring Community Foundation.

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